International Christian Community

Why get involved?


You are born with gifts and talents given by God. Returning these gifts and talents to Him in service is a practical form of worship. It is an honor to serve the King of kings.


Here is a short description of the current ministries in ICC where you are most welcome to join the team of volunteers to serve. You will be placed on a schedule along with others to serve. Basic training will be provided for all ministries.


Children & Youth:

The children and youth meet in the different groups and have Bible-based programs suitable for their age group with additional crafts and fun activities.

• Nursery (ages 6 months to 4 years)

• Sonshine group(ages 5 to 8 years)

• Older Group (ages 9 to 14)

• Youth (from teens and upwards)

If you love being with young people and see them grow and develop, this is a great ministry to be a part of.

Contact Persons: Sandra Bowler (overseer), Chinedum Ogbonna (nursery), Debbie Ebbesen (sonshine), Liliane Kayihura (Older Group), Yves Ruboneka (Youth)



This ministry helps the congregation in getting a visual display of lyrics during singing, message from the preacher and regular announcements. Basic IT knowledge and a keen interest for details is all you need to be part of the team.

Contact Person: Solomon Imhomoh


PR Team:

We welcome people when they arrive and and provide some personal time with them during fellowship time. To be a part of this team, all you need is a big smile, a warm handshake and a keen interest to meet people from all over the world. We organize a welcome package for first time visitors with relevant information in it, to be handed out and help out with collecting offerings and deliver materials necessary as and when needed. All you need is a servant’s heart to be part of this team.

Contact Person: Sheila Ohene



Intercessory ministry is involved in praying for the church, members and people from outside, if needed. This happens an hour before the service and if you love praying for others, this is the team you ought to be a part of.

Contact Person: Anayo Ogbonna




We are a very dedicated group, preparing drinks and snacks for the fellowship time after the service. We help people to have a great time of fellowship with each other. If you love serving others and see them have a great time, we need your kindness here.

Contact Person: Agnes Horumpende


Video Recording:

The recording ministry involves video recording the sermons during the Sunday service. You set up the gear before the service, and record the sermon during the preaching. Basic knowledge in video recording is all you need to be part of this team.

Contact Person: Ulf Laursen


Praise & Worship:

The Role is to lead the congregation in praise and worship. To help prepare their minds, spirit and soul for the message and hopefully ensure that their focus is on God. If you have a great voice and a heart of worship, Samuella will audition you and guide you further as to how you can serve in this ministry.

Contact Person: Samuella Wuo Mettle


Sound production:

The Sound Ministry runs the sound equipment during the Sunday services. This involves setting up microphones for the singers and the speaker

before the Sunday service, monitoring the sound board during the service, and packing up the equipment afterwards. Some knowledge of operating a digital soundboard is required for this ministry and if you have it, we need it – join the team.

Contact Person: Istvan Jakabhazi



We decorate the church with flowers, candle lights and seasonal decorations. depending on the seasons. This is to help create and keep a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the church. If have an artistic touch, we invite you to utilize this gift to beautify the sanctuary of God.

Contact Person: Joan Heerwagen


For more information regarding one or more of the ministries, please contact us on e-mail and all your queries will be responded to.


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