International Christian Community

ICC is financially supported by the contributions of its members, visitors and partners. Anyone who wants to support us financially is welcome and you may request a receipt for your contribution which can be used for tax deduction purposes where relevant.


4 ways to financially support ICC:


1. Online Giving via Credit Cards. (Please see below for details)

2. Mobile Pay Number: 97 1 97 (Applicable in Denmark only)

3. Bank Transfer: ICC bank account is 4065-4065957450 at Danske Bank

4. Cash contributions collected in church during offering time.


Now you can make on-line offerings to ICC with your credit cards. We use PayPal as portal for payments, but you do not need to have a PayPal account in order to contribute. Just a regular credit card will do. You can either make a one-time gift or set up a monthly payment plan.


If you are a tax payer in Denmark, and want tax deduction for your offering, please e-mail us when you have done the offering, with the date you payed, the amount payed, your name and your CPR number.


You can view a short video HERE on tax deduction rules in Denmark.

Monthly Pledge options

You can use MobilePay for offering as well.

The number for MobilePay is 97 1 97

Financial Matters


We have a Financial Council who are trustees of the ICC financial books which are audited and presented to the members during the annual general meetings.


Part of our finances are invested into missions through different contacts we have around the world. Through these contacts, we have been able to touch ministries and ministers who are doing a good job and help them do it better.


We also regularly contribute towards blessing Israel via the International Christian Embassy of Jerusalem in Czech Republic to Karel Sedlacek, our “ambassador” to Israel, and the principal organiser of the European Bible Championship.

Ib Johansen ICC

Ib Johansen


Ib Johansen is the treasurer of the Financial Council and he is the former principal of a Christian School. Ib Johansen is from Denmark.

Ingelise Johansen ICC

Ingelise Johansen


Ingelise Johansen is a member of the Financial Council and she is a teacher. Ingelise Johansen is from Denmark.

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