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History of ICC


ICC was founded by Ravi Chandran and his wife Lillian Leow in July 2002. They felt the inclination to start an interdenominational English language church in Copenhagen so as to reach out to a broader spectrum of the community. From about 60 people in the first meeting, today, the congregation has well over 120 regulars, comprising of members from all walks of life through work, education, cross cultural marriage, diplomats, and others who are here on transitional basis. Therefore, ICC is also serving a wide network of contacts among Christians and churches around the world.


Nationally, ICC works in co-operation with the National Church Councils among Danes and non Danes. ICC is also registered under the church ministry with tax deduction rights and permission to conduct weddings. Internationally, we are involved in missions via Merriwa International Foundation in church planting and humanitarian aid services. We are thankful to God for His blessings upon the ministry over the years and enablement to be a blessing to others as well.


The vision of the church is to help people get in touch with God others and their destiny. This is in accordance to our Lord’s command to love God with all our hearts, mind, soul and strength and to love our neighbours as ourselves. The church aspires to do this in the most practical and down to earth manner. We strive to be spiritually natural and naturally spiritual in the process.


Ravi and Lillian, the founders of church are originally from Singapore. They come from Hindu and Buddhist backgrounds respectively, became the first generation to convert to Christianity as revival touched Asia in the seventies and eighties. They became missionaries and travelled widely to over 60 countries in Asia, Africa and Europe. While in their Africa missions, they met and subsequently married in 1989. Today, they reside in Denmark with their two sons Prince and Josiah. Ravi has a Ph.D degree in Theology and another Ph.D degree in Counselling while Lillian is a Masters Candidate in Biblical Education.


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