Explanation of the principle of Tithing

Please watch this small video, especially if you pay tax in Denmark, because then you are entitled to a tax deduction for the tithe and offerings you give to the Lords work.

May the Lord bless you for your support

ICC is financially supported by the contributions of its members and supporters. There are 4 ways to give:

Online Giving via Credit Cards. (Please see below for details)
Mobile Pay Number: 97 1 97 (Applicable in Denmark only)
Bank Transfer: Danske Bank Account: 4065-4065957450
Cash contributions collected in church during offering time.

If you are a tax payer in Denmark, and want tax deduction for your offerings, please provide your CPR number with offering so we can process tax deductions.You can designate offerings through MobilePay as well.

Designated MobilePay numbers:
97 1 97 - Offerings / Tithe
22 22 33 - Missions Pledge
62 28 98 - New Years Pledge

Click the banner above for credit card contributions